Tuesday 8 March 2016

Filmed in Canada: The Reflecting Skin

Look at this wonderful podcast! Hear William and Alexander talk about the 1990 film The Reflecting Skin, English director Philip Ridley's strange Alberta-filmed prairie tale. They will tell you that it is something special. The movie, featuring a young Viggo Mortensen, finally got a long-overdue, remastered  Blu-ray Disc release. Also hear Alexander's reaction to the new documentary Ninth Floor.

Download this episode here. (40 MB)

Here are links to IMDb pages for the movies discussed in this episode: The Reflecting Skin and Ninth Floor. The website Alex recommended is Art of the Title.


cosmocanuck said...

Funny you should be talking about this title, as my favourite BBC film reviewer, Mark Kermode, just mentioned this very title on a recent program. He was discussing the DVD release of a Brazilian horror flick called "Goodnight Mommy" and called it "a tougher version of Philip Ridley's The Reflecting Skin". I had no idea he was referencing a Canadian film! I'm intrigued, though horror is not really my thing...

Will Lee said...

I've heard strongly divided opinions on "Goodnight Mommy" but haven't seen it yet. It has dark elements but I wouldn't characterize "The Reflecting Skin" as a horror movie so I hope that won't keep you from giving it a shot someday. Thanks for listening, cosmocanuck.

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