Wednesday 13 April 2016

Filmed in Canada: Crash (1996)

Sit back and enjoy the ride as William Lee and Alexander Cairns take the scenic route through Crash. Director David Cronenberg’s controversial movie about the erotic thrill of automobile accidents still makes an impression. William recalls the reaction to the movie in 1996 and Alexander delves into psychopathology.

Download this episode here. (32 MB)

For more information about the movie and TV show discussed in this episode, see these IMDb pages: Crash and The Newsroom.

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Unknown said...

Great podcast - I am surprised no one mentioned the brilliant dissonant guitar score by Howard Shore. I am a big fan of the subversive nature of this film, especially for Cronenberg it seemed to be his most risque work of his filmography, just because of the elements of realism in the aftermath of car wrecks. Really cool to hear it discussed with respect and admiration. Cheers!

Nick Strange

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