Wednesday 23 December 2020

Blood Quantum - Filmed in Canada Ep.84

William and Chris try not to think about the global pandemic by watching a zombie pandemic movie. They explore the roots of their feelings about Blood Quantum, a new movie by Mi'kmaq filmmaker Jeff Barnaby. The talk covers Canada's 1982 Constitution Act, Predator, Dawn of the Dead and District 9.

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More information about Blood Quantum on IMDb. Detailed show notes after the break.

00:01 A slowly reopening podcast 01:50 VIFF online
03:45 Totally Under Control, a documentary by Alex Gibney
05:20 Totally Under Control, It's about greed and not compassion
06:00 Totally Under Control, History written in the moment
06:55 Totally Under Control, 72 million voted for Donald Trump
07:35 Totally Under Control, Princess cruise ship
08:15 Blood Quantum, a film by Jeff Barnaby
09:30 Blood Quantum, It's set in Red Crow, Quebec
10:00 the cast of Blood Quantum
14:30 the plot of Blood Quantum
16:00 Blood Quantum, White people can be infected
17:55 Blood Quantum, Quoting an ancient settler proverb
18:45 Blood Quantum, Measuring Indigenous ancestry
20:30 Blood Quantum theory undercooked in the narrative
21:45 Blood Quantum, Why is it set in 1981? Chris doesn't know
23:30 Blood Quantum, compared to 28 Days Later
24:45 Blood Quantum, That scene is gruesome
25:20 Blood Quantum and the Canada Constitution Act, 1982
27:15 Blood Quantum, Barnaby asked his cast to watch Alanis Obomsawin's film
29:00 Blood Quantum, Zombie salmon and zombie dog
30:00 Blood Quantum story synopsis on Wikipedia is wrong
31:10 Blood Quantum has some thrills and real jeopardy
32:30 Blood Quantum and Predator, I ain't got time to bleed
34:20 Blood Quantum and that scene from Aliens
35:35 Blood Quantum, I appreciate something that I haven't seen before
36:20 Blood Quantum displays a lot of value for its $4.5 million
37:20 Blood Quantum and Exotica were big budget Canadian films
37:45 Blood Quantum, I've had it with white people
38:05 Blood Quantum, I like it as much as I like other zombie movies
39:15 a superficial way to remember Blood Quantum
39:50 Blood Quantum versus the zombie films of George Romero
41:20 Blood Quantum, Listuguj and Indigenous activism
43:40 Blood Quantum compared to District 9
44:45 the fantasy of racism and Black Like Vic
45:25 our rating of Blood Quantum
Thank you for listening.