Tuesday 2 August 2016

Filmed in Canada: Meatballs

Adam Abrams joins William Lee to discuss Ivan Reitman's breakout 1979 comedy Meatballs starring Bill Murray. Set up camp with your air mattress and your favourite media player and listen to their carefree chat about a classic summertime movie.

Then Adam dusts off his proton pack to talk briefly about the new Ghostbusters movie. He ain't afraid of no teachers' dirty looks.

Download this episode here. (44 MB)

Here are the IMDb links to the movies discussed in this episode: Meatballs, The Columbus of Sex and Ghostbusters.


Unknown said...

Great podcast. I knew every reference you guys made. I grew up on Meatballs.

Will Lee said...

Thanks for listening, Donovan. For viewers of a certain age, Meatballs certainly left an impression. I wonder how it would play with young audiences today?

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