Monday 21 May 2018

Face-Off - Filmed in Canada Ep.61

We defrost the classic Canadian hockey drama Face-Off for examination. Art Hindle plays the star rookie in the 1971 movie about the NHL lifestyle. Black Dog Video's Darren Gay joins William and Alexander to chat about unconvincing love stories, men's fur coats, old-school Maple Leafs and champagne showers.

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Find out more about the movies we mentioned on these IMDb pages: Face-Off, Youngblood, Hello Destroyer and One Sings, the Other Doesn't. We talked about Goon on an older episode. SCTV's parody of the movie is called Power Play.


Art Hindle said...

You guys really showed your lack of hockey lack of research on this film...there's plenty out there ...ALL the players were NHL players AND #18 did NOT change his number for the film...also the film was shot AND released in 1971...NOT 1972...I could go on with your many mistakes and misunderstandings ...I do appreciate the fact that you support CDN films...sorry you both didn't like the film and anyone listening to your sarcasm would not want to watch the both forgot this film was of a time...players did not spend time with the wives before games...etc...the " boring " both might want to look in the mirror...or listen to yourselves...

Will Lee said...

We appreciate you taking the time to comment, and we're truly grateful that you cared to listen, Art. I think I corrected the release year error later in the talk but, indeed, we could have gotten the background facts straight. We won't take your feedback lightly. Our goal is to encourage listeners to sample from the diverse catalogue and rich history of Canadian movies. We're not experts on the subject so our thoughts may be unrefined after a first watch of a movie. Please take our reactions as an honest reflection of the discovery process.

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